Prospective Purchasers

Due to the ageing population, continued consolidation within the industry, and the challenges associated with establishing a greenfield funeral operation, there is strong demand for people wanting to purchase established, profitable and well run funeral businesses.

Therefore parties interested in expanding their existing funeral business, or entering the industry via an acquisition, need to be fully prepared to pursue acquisition opportunities that may arise.

The best way to prepare for an acquisition is to speak to your accountant and bank to ensure you have the capacity to make a purchase.  

We also encourage prospective purchasers to register their interest with Tobin & Mulqueen by completing and returning our confidential Expression of Interest form.

This step will ensure we make you aware of any acquisition opportunities that may be of interest to you (which may not otherwise come to your attention).

Whilst we typically assist owners sell their businesses, we also maintain strong relationships with industry buyers, to help ensure our clients find a purchaser who is a good “fit” and who, one day, will also be a seller.

So register your Expression of Interest now to ensure we advise you of any opportunities that may be of interest to you.