Tobin & Mulqueen
offer funeral industry clients the following specialist services:

Business Health Check

Tobin & Mulqueen offers a comprehensive diagnostic service designed to identify areas to enhance the performance and value of your business.

This involves Martin and Peter:
  • Visiting you to closely assess all aspects of your business
  • Preparing a report identifying areas for potential improvement, and opportunities for increased profitability
  • Assisting you to implement and address the issues identified

Business Valuations

Tobin & Mulqueen can provide expert advice in relation to the value of your business.

Funeral businesses can be valued in a variety of ways. 

Given our intimate knowledge of the industry, and analysis of comparable sales data, we are able to select the most appropriate industry-accepted valuation method to determine a fair market value range for your business.

Whichever valuation method is employed, Tobin & Mulqueen considers many factors, not just your financial performance, in assessing the value range of your business, including:

  • The history of the Business
  • The quality of of your premises
  • The reputation of the Business, and your key personnel
  • The strength of your brand and value proposition
  • The scope and size of the Business
  • The extent of your prepaid funeral business
  • The level of existing and potential competition
  • The overall stability and consistency of the business

Our valuations can be used for a variety of strategic purposes, such as determining your sale-price expectation, succession planning and re-financing your banking arrangements.

Preparing for Sale

Tobin & Mulqueen can assist you to refine your business in various ways to make it "sale ready."

This involves Martin and Peter:
  • Working with you to identify and prioritise your succession planning options
  • Advising you how to modify key areas of your business to make it a more attractive proposition for prospective purchasers
  • Assisting you to handle an approach or offer from an interested party

Selling your Business

Tobin & Mulqueen can assist you to maximise the price of your Business by guiding you through the entire sale process.

Both Martin and Peter have had considerable experience with all aspects of buying and selling funeral businesses, and can work with you and your existing advisers to:

  • Provide an appraisal or valuation of the business to help inform your price expectation
  • Prepare the information and material necessary to "market" your business for sale
  • Identify, engage and negotiate with potential purchasers
  • Negotiate and document the terms and conditions of sale
  • Coordinate due diligence and settlement.

We understand that the sale of your Business represents the culmination of many years of hard work and investment, often over many generations. We provide you with a highly personalised service that acknowledges this effort, from our initial consultation right through to settlement of the sale.

We use our expertise, market intelligence, contact base and negotiation skills to help clients avoid the potential pitfalls of selling unassisted, with our primary objective being you achieving the best possible outcome in terms of the price and other important conditions and considerations, including:

  • Your clients, staff and community being comfortable with the sale
  • Finding a purchaser who is a good "fit" for your Business
  • Ensuring the sale process is hassle-free
  • Tailoring terms and conditions to your needs

Taking Products & Services to Market

Tobin & Mulqueen utilise our experience, market intelligence and extensive contact base to assist funeral industry suppliers take new or innovative products and services to the market.

This involves Martin and Peter:

  • Assessing all aspects of the proposed new or innovative product or service;
  • Providing market research, advice and business development strategies;
  • Facilitating meetings/dialogue with key industry players