"I am writing this testimonial to endorse the services of Tobin & Mulqueen and I do so from the perspective of having been both as a purchaser and as a seller.   

What was clear from the outset in both transactions was the depth of industry knowledge that Peter and Martin each have. This knowledge also includes a continual updating of current and impending sales of businesses within the Australian funeral industry. This means that they are able to match buyers and sellers in a timely manner, often without having to take the business to the market.

Peter and Martin’s previous “hands on” experience in operating funeral businesses came to the fore in developing an understanding of my situation and that led to the development of a creative strategic plan that achieved my desired outcome.

The processes of sale were executed in a thorough and professional manner. The development of the documentation to present the business for sale was most detailed. That meant that prospective purchasers had all the required information in a format from which they could conduct due diligence. As Peter and Martin had prepared the information it meant that they also endorsed it and that provided added credibility for potential purchasers.  

Dealing with Tobin & Mulqueen was a positive and successful experience and I strongly endorse them to any prospective seller or buyer. The utilisation of their services is cost effective, time saving and is the most effective way to achieve success."

Tom Dooley - Silver Lining Funerals, Victoria

"I am writing to endorse the services of Tobin & Mulqueen, who assisted my husband, Brian and I sell our Brisbane-based business, Logan Funerals in late 2011.

Brian and I have had limited experience with commercial negotiations, and financial and legal matters, so it was great to have Peter and Martin guiding us through the process.

Peter and Martin estimated the value of the business, prepared the necessary information, identified and negotiated with the buyer, and coordinated all aspects of the process, right through until settlement.

They were very helpful and professional throughout the process, and kept us informed about all key developments.

Based on our positive experience, we can thoroughly recommend the services of Tobin & Mulqueen to anyone looking to capitalise on all of the hard work they have put into their funeral business, and start a new chapter in their life."

Shelly Staunton, former owner of Logan Funerals, Brisbane

"After almost 20 satisfying years as a Funeral Director in regional New South Wales, the time was right for a change of personal direction. As a long term client of Peter Mulqueen and MGR Accountants, it was logical to consult with Tobin & Mulqueen regarding the intricacies of selling the business.

From the start of the exercise, the personal attention of both Martin and Peter was the key to a successful sale outcome. Tobin & Mulqueen successfully negotiated with the purchaser and the purchaser’s legal and accounting representatives and their level of in-depth industry knowledge ensured that all issues that arose during the sale process were addressed in a timely and appropriate manner. I found the services offered by Tobin & Mulqueen were relevant and efficient, and the fees charged for those services to be more than reasonable.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Tobin & Mulqueen to any funeral service practitioner who may be considering the sale of a business."

John Kaus Former Owner, Macquarie Valley Funerals

"I write this testimonial in recognition of the excellent services provided by Martin Tobin and Peter Mulqueen of Tobin & Mulqueen in achieving the sale of a majority interest in my business, CG Moody & Daughter in Melbourne.  Martin and Peter were involved in all phases of the sale including:

  •     Acquiring a detailed understanding of the scope, processes and corporate aspects of the business;
  •     Preparation of the Information Memorandum (IM);
  •     Selection of the parties to whom the IM was sent;
  •     Evaluation of the submissions in response to the IM;
  •     Selection of the preferred purchaser;
  •     Facilitating the due diligence process; and
  •     Facilitating discussions and negotiations with the successful purchaser

It is significant that the purchaser stated that, “They seemed to know how to match the seller and the buyer perfectly”.  I concur with this assessment.

The key features of the transaction were settlement on a fair price, reflecting my expectations and those of the purchaser, and a smooth transition made possible by parties well suited to each others’ styles.  I remain in the business as General Manager and a minority shareholder, and am delighted with the outcome that Tobin & Mulqueen helped facilitate."

Peter Robertson - CG Moody & Daughter